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Code of Conduct

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 As a participant of any Richmond Spirit Warhawks team, I do hereby agree to abide by the following rules and regulations: 

1.   I acknowledge that this is a Home School/Christian School team and that my actions and conduct will exemplify this fact.

2.    Encouraging one another and supporting the team will be required as a building block for team unity.

 3.    My language at all times will be clean, edifying, and acceptable. I understand as a participant that substitute words resembling foul language are unacceptable.

 4.    I will fully respect the Team Manager, Coach, and Referees, and accept their judgment calls.  Any behavior to the contrary (such as rolling eyes, walking off when addressed, arguing versus discussing or refusing to participate) will invoke disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal. Repetitive technical fouls/ yellow cards/red cards will be reviewed by the Spirit Warhawks Executive Board and may result in suspension or dismissal from the team.

 5.   I understand that I am not playing on a recreation league but, on a highly competitive  high school or middle school team. This means that I know I am competing for our team and my position on it.

 6.   I agree to be committed to all practices and games, except in extenuating circumstances previously excused by notifying the coach in advance. I understand that by missing practices it can affect my playtime.

 7.   Before, during, and after events, if left by parents on the premises, I agree to be responsible for my actions and not cause any damage. If any damages are caused by me, I will be directly responsible for it and reimburse the loss. I also agree not to leave the premises until picked up by a family member or designated driver.

 8.    I agree to be coachable and open to and not resistant to instruction and direction.

 9.    I agree to have fun, develop relationships, and mature into a person and player that pleases the Lord.

 10.  Failure to abide by this code and any infractions of it, could affect our reputation, honor, respect, and witness, and will be dealt with immediately, which could result in the loss of any or all of the following: loss of leadership role, game time, or position. Repetitive offenses may result in suspension and/or dismissal, depending on the nature of the situation.

 Of my coach, I understand I can expect his/her support and respect. I know that they will be committed to my development as a team player, implementing leadership that will help mold me into a successful athlete.