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Playing Time Agreement


The Richmond Spirit Warhawks teams are competitive middle and high school teams. We are not a recreational or home school “club.” While we strive first & foremost to honor Jesus Christ with our conduct on and off the field, the Spirit Warhawk organization desires to provide our players with the same experiences and opportunities enjoyed by area public and private schools in regard to quality competition, tournament play, and a pathway to NCAA/professional Athletics. This means coaches will be fielding what they believe to be the best combination of players possible in order to develop players and win games. Equal playing time is not guaranteed at this level, or any higher level, of competitive Athletics. 

We, as coaches, feel this is biblical. The Scriptures say that “whether we eat or drink or whatever you do, do it as to the Lord.” As long as good sportsmanship is observed, striving to win in a competitive sport is not somehow unfair to others, nor “un-Christian.” Just ask Dwight Howard, David Robinson, Chris Paul, Derek Fisher, or any other Christian Athletes.

In fact, a correct understanding of the nature of competitive athletics can strengthen players’/parents’ walk with Christ, since:

·         It teaches other-centeredness & what’s best for the team instead of self-centeredness.

·         It prepares young men for the realities of life. Competition is part of life, and not everyone gets to be 1st. We must learn humility & grace.

·         It saves players/parents from spiraling down into “backbiting & gossip” which the Bible forbids among believers.

Players who are not satisfied with playing time, position, etc., should ask a coach directly what they can do in order to achieve goals. This aids them in dealing directly with authority figures outside the home. It is incumbent on all coaches to provide specific instruction so that players may fulfill their potential. Parents are encouraged to cheer their sons and daughters on and support the team, but should not, under any circumstances, petition coaches for playing time, positions, or other special consideration.