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Middle-School Soccer - Ages 11-14

Middle-School Soccer

Co-Ed Middle-School Soccer

Description:  Co-Ed Middle School Soccer is for home school boys and girls ages 11-14 in the Richmond area. During the spring and fall seasons.

The fall season will have games and practices at Courthouse Park. We will have practices and the team will be split into squads for inter team matches. There will also be a all-star team created out of those teams to reward hard work, effort, development and attitudes to play in “friendlies” against other organizations throughout the season.

The cost for Middle School for the Fall 2019 season

Screenshot 2019-08-01 17.41.16.png

Uniforms - Uniforms will be provided as part of the registration, and will be representative of taking the next step up in soccer proficiency, competition, and interest.

Location & Schedule: 

Fall 2019 Season is here! 

  • Practices will begin September 9th and will be on Mondays and Thursdays (until the Juniors season starts at Stony Point) and then will shift to Fridays (date TBD) and will be at 4:30 - 6pm at Courthouse Park (7232 Courtland Farm Rd, Hanover VA 23069). 

  • Games: There will be internal games as we split into season long squads as well as games against Dynamo Soccer at Courthouse Park (7232 Courtland Farm Rd, Hanover VA 23069)

  • Registration will close the week prior to the season.

NEW for Fall 2019!!

Our Middle school and Juniors teams will be provided a new and unique opportunity to showcase improvement, determination, effort, teamwork and skills. 

Junior aged players will start the season in Spirit Club. The CLUB team will be split into smaller squads. 

Middle-School aged players  (and those younger players who played Middle-school in the past) will start the season in Spirit Premier. The Premier team will also be split into smaller squads.

These squads will compete against each other within their respective teams (Club vs Club, etc)  in games, and contests of skill and fitness. A record will be kept for wins and losses.


Every two weeks we will have a relegation adjustment. 

  - The bottom two squads from the Premier club will be re-assigned to the Club team.

  - The top two squads from the Club team will be elevated to the Premier team.

These moves are not permanent, each squad will be in a continuous evaluation that pushes personal accountability to the squad and encourages personal and team growth.


At times to be determined, All-star teams based on the top squads will be created to play against Dynamo in officially sanctioned and refereed Matches. To play in an All-Star game does not mean you will play in all All-Star games…again, this is a meritocracy and consistent effort and improvement will be rewarded. Resting on ones past success will see one removed from the All-Star roster and possibly relegated back to Club.

Registration Requirements: Registration is CLOSED for Fall 2019

  1. Warhawks Soccer Registration Form

  2. Waiver

  3. Code of Conduct

  4. Playing Time Agreement

Contact Information: For more information, please contact contact Admin

Calendar: Richmond Warhawks Soccer Calendar

Middle School Coaches


Head Coach Weldon Stogsdill

Weldon has coached numerous sports falling under the idea, “those who can’t do…teach”. Having played countless sports, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey…and doing well at none of them, he has found joy in helping others find their full potential.

A big believer in the coaching philosophy of John Wooden that “Success is far more than winning, but rather the peace of mind that comes from doing your best to be your best”, Weldon pushes his team to pull together and never let your teammates down, and never ever quit. Winning is much less important than that.

Weldon has been a technology sales professional most of his career, but trying to find a job he hasn’t done can be a challenge.

A husband and father of three, his favorite part of having found spirit these past four years has been the family that the Warhawks are. Friendships found in faith with shared effort are friendships that last.

Favorite Quote - In discipline there is freedom.


Lorianne Stogsdill

Coach Lorianne grew up playing volleyball, softball, roller hockey and anything else she get could into.

She rock climbs and runs Obstacle/Mud runs with her husband Coach Weldon.

Lorianne homeschools her three children, helps out with the local 4H chapter and manages the Middle-school team as well.

Favorite Quote - Weldon gets the idea, and I make it happen. (Lorianne didn’t write this, Weldon did).